Nike Tiempo Legend VII R10 Elite FG – Black Gold


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Product Description:
The Nike Tiempo Legend VII R10 Elite FG in Black Gold is a football boot designed for the true champions of the game. Inspired by the legendary Brazilian footballer, Ronaldinho, these boots combine style, comfort, and exceptional performance. Whether you’re dominating the pitch or stepping up your training, these boots will ensure you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

1. Premium Material: Crafted with a high-quality kangaroo leather upper, these boots provide unmatched durability and a soft, glove-like fit. The leather adapts to the shape of your foot, delivering enhanced ball control and a superior touch.

2. Dynamic Fit Collar: The innovative Dynamic Fit collar helps to secure your foot, providing excellent stability and support. This feature also allows for a seamless connection between your foot and the lower leg, enabling natural movement and flexibility.

3. All Conditions Control (ACC): The ACC technology on these boots ensures optimal ball control in both wet and dry conditions. It enhances the grip between the ball and the boot, allowing for precise passes, powerful shots, and unrivaled performance.

4. Lightweight Traction: The lightweight Hyperstability plate with a mixture of chevron and conical studs provides exceptional traction on firm-ground surfaces. It allows for quick and agile movements, helping you stay in control and react swiftly during the game.

– Type: Firm Ground (FG)
– Color: Black and Gold
– Upper Material: Kangaroo Leather
– Collar: Dynamic Fit
– Technology: All Conditions Control (ACC)
– Traction: Hyperstability Plate with Chevron and Conical Studs

In summary, the Nike Tiempo Legend VII R10 Elite FG in Black Gold is the ultimate football boot for players who demand excellence on the field. With its premium materials, dynamic fit collar, all conditions control technology, and lightweight traction, these boots provide the necessary tools to elevate your game to the next level. Experience the heritage and style of Ronaldinho with every kick.



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