Off-White X Air Jordan 5 Retro SP ‘Muslin’ CT8480-001


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Product Description:
The Off-White X Air Jordan 5 Retro SP ‘Muslin’ CT8480-001 is a highly sought-after collaboration between two iconic brands, Off-White and Air Jordan. This sneaker is a part of the exclusive Off-White ‘The Ten’ collection, which showcases Virgil Abloh’s distinctive design aesthetic and combines it with the timeless appeal of Air Jordan.

1. Unique Design: The Off-White X Air Jordan 5 Retro SP ‘Muslin’ CT8480-001 displays an eye-catching and unconventional design. With its deconstructed aesthetic and signature Off-White text and detailing, this shoe is a perfect blend of streetwear and luxury.
2. Premium Materials: Crafted with superior quality materials, this sneaker boasts a combination of leather and mesh on its upper, offering durability and breathability. The iconic Nike Air cushioning in the midsole provides optimal comfort and support, while the rubber outsole ensures excellent traction on various surfaces.
3. Collaborative Branding: The collaboration between Off-White and Air Jordan is evident through the carefully placed branding elements. The Off-White zip-tie, “AIR” detailing, and Jumpman logo on the heel and sole add exclusive touches to this limited edition sneaker, making it a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Off-White X Air Jordan 5 Retro SP ‘Muslin’ CT8480-001 is available in multiple sizes and features a predominantly light beige colorway, commonly referred to as “Muslin.” It comes with signature Off-White branding elements and Nike Air cushioning. The shoe is crafted from a combination of leather and mesh materials and includes a lace-up closure system. This sneaker is designed for individuals who appreciate innovative design and desire a unique addition to their sneaker collection.

In conclusion, the Off-White X Air Jordan 5 Retro SP ‘Muslin’ CT8480-001 is an extraordinary collaboration that combines the renowned streetwear aesthetic of Off-White with the timeless Air Jordan design. Its unique design, premium materials, and exclusive branding make it a highly coveted sneaker among fashion enthusiasts and sneakerheads. Embrace the fusion of luxury and street style with this limited edition release.



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