Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 43 Of 50’ DM1602-128


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Product Description:
The Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 43 Of 50’ DM1602-128 is a limited-edition collaboration between Nike and Off-White, created by renowned streetwear designer Virgil Abloh. This sneaker showcases a unique blend of style and functionality, making it a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

1. Collaboration with Off-White: This Nike Dunk Low is a result of the creative partnership between Nike and Off-White, combining the athletic DNA of Nike with the avant-garde aesthetic of Off-White.

2. Premium Materials: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the shoe boasts high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort. The upper features a mix of leather and mesh, providing breathability while adding texture to the design.

3. Striking Design: The ‘Lot 43 Of 50’ iteration showcases an eye-catching color scheme, fusing hues of white, grey, blue, and black. The distinct Off-White branding elements, including the iconic zip tie, deconstructed details, and stitched Swoosh logo, contribute to the shoe’s unique and sought-after design.

1. Style Code: DM1602-128
2. Limited Edition: Only 50 pairs of this iconic sneaker were released, making it incredibly rare and highly coveted by collectors.

3. Sizes: Available in various sizes, catering to both men and women. Please refer to the provided size chart for accurate fitting.

4. Nike Zoom Technology: The Nike Off-White X Dunk Low features a Zoom Air unit in the heel, delivering responsive cushioning and impact protection, ideal for everyday wear or sports activities.

5. Versatile Style: The versatile design of this sneaker allows for effortless pairing with a wide range of outfits. From casual streetwear to a more refined look, these shoes elevate your style effortlessly.

In summary, the Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 43 Of 50’ DM1602-128 is a limited-edition masterpiece that seamlessly blends the worlds of sport and fashion. With its premium materials, striking design, and comfortable fit, this sneaker is undoubtedly a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast or Off-White aficionado. Hurry and secure your pair, as this exclusive release is sure to sell out quickly.



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