Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 28 Of 50’ DM1602-111


Product Description:

Introducing the iconic collaboration between Nike and Off-White, the Dunk Low ‘Lot 28 Of 50’ DM1602-111. This highly sought-after sneaker is a limited edition piece that stands out from the crowd with its unique design elements and premium craftsmanship. It is a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike.


1. Unmistakable Design: The Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 28 Of 50’ DM1602-111 showcases a bold and eye-catching design. With a combination of vibrant colorways and contrasting textures, this sneaker exudes a modern and edgy aesthetic.

2. Premium Materials: Crafted with the highest quality materials, this shoe showcases the attention to detail that Nike and Off-White are known for. The combination of leather and suede gives it a luxurious feel while ensuring durability and comfort.

3. Collaborative Branding: As with all Off-White collaborations, this shoe features signature branding elements. The famous Off-White text on the side panel, the Helvetica quotation marks, and the Nike Swoosh make a powerful statement and give this sneaker a unique identity.


1. Style Code: DM1602-111: The style code serves as a unique identifier for this exclusive sneaker. It helps distinguish this specific model from other iterations within the collaboration.

2. Limited Edition: With only 50 pairs available worldwide, the Dunk Low ‘Lot 28 Of 50’ DM1602-111 is an extremely limited edition release. Owning a pair means joining an exclusive club of collectors and fashion enthusiasts.

3. Comfortable Fit: The Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 28 Of 50’ DM1602-111 features a low-cut silhouette that allows for unrestricted movement. The padded tongue and cushioned insole provide maximum comfort, ensuring an enjoyable wearing experience.

In conclusion, the Nike Off-White X Dunk Low ‘Lot 28 Of 50’ DM1602-111 is a high-end sneaker that combines unique design elements, premium materials, and limited availability. With its distinctive style, this shoe is a statement piece for those who appreciate both fashion and footwear craftsmanship. Grab your pair now and elevate your sneaker collection to new heights.


US M10 / W11.5 = UK9 = EU44, US M10.5 / W12 = UK9.5 = EU44.5, US M11 / W12.5 = UK10 = EU45, US M11.5 / W13 = UK10.5 = EU45.5, US M12 / W13.5 = UK11 = EU46, US M12.5 / W14 = UK11.5 = EU46.5, US M13 / W14.5 = UK12 = EU47.5, US M4 / W5.5 = UK3.5 = EU36, US M4.5 / W6 = UK4 = EU36.5, US M5 / W6.5 = UK4.5 = EU37.5, US M5.5 / W7 = UK5 = EU38, US M6 / W7.5 = UK5.5 = EU38.5, US M6.5 / W8 = UK6 = EU39, US M7 / W8.5 = UK6 = EU40, US M7.5 / W9 = UK6.5 = EU40.5, US M8 / W9.5 = UK7 = EU41, US M8.5 / W10 = UK7.5 = EU42, US M9 / W10.5 = UK8 = EU42.5, US M9.5 / W11 = UK8.5 = EU43


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