New Balance 327 ‘Midnight Magenta’ Purple WS327COA


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Product Description:
The New Balance 327 ‘Midnight Magenta’ Purple WS327COA is a stylish and eye-catching pair of sneakers that will elevate your footwear game. Designed with a mix of contemporary style and retro inspiration, these sneakers are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

These sneakers feature a striking ‘Midnight Magenta’ purple colorway, adding a bold pop of color to any outfit. The upper is made of a combination of suede and mesh materials, providing durability and breathability. The iconic oversized “N” logo on the sides gives these sneakers a distinct New Balance look.

The WS327COA has a lightweight construction, making it incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. The cushioned midsole offers excellent support and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth and comfortable stride. The rubber outsole provides superior traction, making these sneakers suitable for various surfaces.

– Color: Midnight Magenta purple
– Upper material: Suede and mesh
– Oversized “N” logo on the sides
– Lightweight construction
– Cushioned midsole for support and comfort
– Rubber outsole for traction

With the New Balance 327 ‘Midnight Magenta’ Purple WS327COA, you can effortlessly express your unique sense of style while enjoying the comfort and durability that New Balance is known for. Whether you’re heading out for a casual day with friends or running errands around town, these sneakers will elevate your look and keep your feet feeling great throughout the day. Upgrade your footwear collection with this distinctive pair of New Balance sneakers.



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